Would you rather TAG

NAMASTE everyone welcome back to my blog,SHIVICTIONARY.so I found a very interesting TAG with the name WOULD YOU RATHER TAG 😁….so thought it will be fun to do it so I did it😃……check it out👇

  Would You Rather | Wait to buy your favorite series/book in an edition that matches on your bookshelf OR Read the book in any edition because you’re desperate to read it?

I would take favourite book in an edition

 Would You Rather | Read a series as they come out OR wait until all books have been published to binge read them?

Read series as they come up…. I cannot wait so much

  Would You Rather | Finish the late library book with 50 pages left and pay the £100 fine for being overdue and you can’t borrow it again, OR return before the due date?

Return before due date😆

  Would You Rather | Read 3 300 pages books OR 1 beast book of 900 pages?

Read 3300 pages books 😃😃

 Would You Rather | Read the book OR watch the movie first?

Read the book

  Would You Rather | Have rewarded a lifetime worth of books OR a lifetime of time reading books?

Have a rewarded a lifetime worth of books

 Would You Rather | Read a hyped book and avoid spoilers OR wait and be susceptible to spoilers?

Read a hyped book

 Would You Rather | Be in the tv adaption of your favorite book OR the fictional world of your favorite book?

Fictional world of my favourite books……it would be more interesting 🤩…….people will read about me what could be more interesting

It is a open nomination ☺☺

Thank you 💜🤘

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    1. Shivi 💜 says:

      Thank you so much💜💜🤗🤗🤗🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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