I was going on a evening walk with my uncles and brother and I saw the cutest thing but it was really exited to see me so the photo is really umm–just see it yourself

Awww he was soooo cute I even petted it🥺he’s a street puppy😍…..and one thing that I would like to discuss is that some people call theirselves a DOG LOVER but when they see a street dog they’re like eww we won’t touch it…..I don’t know why they have this mentality but if you cannot respect a street dog then don’t call yourself a dog lover😒

It was raining yesterday and its still raining and I woke up at 5 am today and it was looking beautiful…..see:

12:20 – it’s stopped raining and I knew that it’ll rain any second now but no, sun finnaly gave some glimpses and sky is clear but apparently my life’s not🥲🤣 so the weather was good so I decided to travel a beautiful place lemme show you (you’ll be glad to see that place) Even I was amazed by seeing it’s beauty

Pretty photos ,right?…..cuz I clicked them😎🤣 yeah thanks but actually I only have 2 days left here…..yes I have to go back home now because my school is starting (ughhh)….I’m seriously not in a mood to say bye to this place or my grandparents but I’ll see them soon I know🥺 but these things aside. *hiding the tears* ……but to be honest somehow I know that this is not the last time,I’ll come soon again ,dehradun ♡

To be continued……

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  1. Kavya Monga says:

    Wowww ik u’ll meet ur grandparents very very soon🥺❤

    Till then come school nd do the stupidities with me🥳🥳🤣😂

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    1. Thanks🥺


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  2. Aww annji looks so cute💖
    And the place is so beautiful! You’ll meet your grandparents again very soon🥺

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