NAMASTE everyone welcome back to my blog, well I’m writing this post on 5th may and on that day it was my maths exam and also was last day of my tution which is a PLEASURE (I mean it) but you know that feeling when you don’t miss the people but the vibe of the place and presence of those particular people that’s what I’m feeling…….I know that whichever subject I’ll take in future will need hardwork but atleast I wont have to prove why a triangle is a triangle πŸ˜‘πŸ€£


So these were actually two girl besties and they just used to talk about the whole world, I mean they go to the same school,talk there,why do you wanna do your chit chats here because apparently your blah blah is not helping anyone and I have no hate towards their friendship, friendship is a beautiful thing having someone you can talk to about anything is truly a blessing but my tution is for MATHS SUBJECT and that needs concentration, so love you guys and your friendship but shut up sometimes your voice is nothing less than traffic noises


These people are toppers,I mean they ace every test and they are teacher’s favourite and trust me they don’t need anyone’s guidance,they can just ace a 12th standard’s maths exam in their sleep by being in 10th standard and I hate when they cry after getting 29/30,well I’m here happy in 16/30 so pick some tissue,wipe those tears and growww up!!!πŸ˜’πŸ€£


I love these kinds of people,they’re mostly backbenchers and okay you
Have to agree with me that without backbenchers school,tution and every study-related place is boring, I mean imagine you’re doing a very boring maths question and someone just makes a joke…. your mood just changes and I know that jokes won’t help you in your math but who cares!


Okayβœ‹,guilty as charged,this kid is me,I enter in the tution and if someone approaches to talk to me then I’ll not be rude and I’ll politely answer them but the thing is that I will never approach someone because I go to tution to intract with my teacher not with my tution mates.(my conscience- okay, shivi that was a bit rude)(my-my tone was respectfull,I swear)😒🀣

So the reason behind this post is that my exam was on 5th may and it was my last day of tuition (because I don’t wanna take maths after 10th) so 99% of the time I won’t miss my tution because who misses maths,homework,calculations and MATHS but that 1% consists of that fun conversations with my teacher,she used to scold me but I’m damn sure that I did something to deserve itπŸ™‚πŸ€£,but I know that I’ll laugh about these days in future

P.S my maths is still messed up

Thank you πŸ’œπŸ€˜


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  1. the hate you have for maths is just incredible yo🀣

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