Namaste everyone welcome back to my blog,SHIVICTIONARY. So I’m on my bed and everyone is sleeping and I was not able to sleep as it is heavily raining outside soo I thought why not just write a post and talk to you all because it kinda helps me and I just have my phone and no interne so that’s the only option left🙂🤣🤣

You MIGHT’VE noticed that I’ve not been active since like a really long time actually since june end I have been posting stories or posts but those are not written by heart you know,that’s why my humour is not on top lately it’s been 14-15 days and now I guess sharing it with you will help me in a way….writing is very therapeutic to me

So basically since. 11th started I haven’t been actually happy to go to school going to school actually feels like a burden these days and my 10th board result came out a day before yesterday (I got decent marks) and those marks were not satisfactory for me but I have exams from this saturday soooo my birthday is messed up and it just feels that time is moving sooooooo fast like I don’t have time to be happy(okaay that went deep🥲🤣) sorry I didn’t want these post to be this serious but I thought that you all should know🥲 and I got my first creativity block so kudos to that😎😎🤣🥲🤣 so my humorous post will take time to come but they are on the way just lemme be in a proper state to mind and I’ll actually be back

And I’m not even reading and Journaling regularly that sucks😑 and the only thing in which I have my full attention is the podcast that I listen to ,so basically I was MAJORLY sad on 24th june like REALLLLLYYY sad so this is the only podcast that used to keep me busy and diverted my mind the podcast is what’s up sister (I listen to it on youtube but it’s also available on spotify) and its really an engaging podcast do listen to it if you haven’t tried any podcasts yet(and if you have any podcasts suggestions pls let me knowww) and basically in this there are 2 sisters who are in this podcast and they talk about serious topics sometimes and sometimes just random talks and because of that I’m so engaged in there life they have separate youtube channels also for vlogging and I’m obsessed with that so yup

And these days I’ve been using an app which is next level helfull it’s this app:

It has a lot of categories so if you have already tried this do give me reviews cuz I’m a newbie here✌🏻✌🏻

And that’s it I guess I’ve letted out a lot from my heart so it feels good in a way and if you are reading this till here then just—THANK YOU🥺🥺

[And I have my birthday on this coming Sunday and I’m so not exited…it’s a part of growing up maybe I think whatever😑😑😑🤣🤣🤣🤣]

Thank you💜🤘


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  1. Well Shivi, I hope you DO have a good birthday. Positive thoughts here 😊

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    1. Thanks a lot
      Even I’m hoping for the best🥰

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