Namaste everyone welcome back to my blog, hello everyone,how’s life..I hope your answer is gonna be “good” but if not then don’t worry feel free to share in the comments and you’ll be fine, pls feel better

*lyrics to the song I’m listening are “I’m sitting here crying in My prom dress”*

Well currently it’s 11:52 and its late night and I decide to talk about things I like about myself and my personality because see everyone has flaws but if you’ll focus on those flaws only ,then how will you improve yourself, so you should see good things in yourself too ,but you should also not focus on only good things because you know when you–yk what I mean right? (Just say yes)

I mix my humour in literally everything:so basically even when I talk to my bestfriend and she’s talking about something that is making her sad so to change the topic and lighten up her mood ,I talk about funny stuff and my ability of joking in the serious situation possible is unbelievable and it makes people around me happy And more importantly it makes me happy so that’s enough of a reason

I change my surroundings according to me:

So my behavior is like a cat,no I don’t scratch people for no reason.The thing is if a cat is living at a place so it’ll modify the surroundings according to it ,so my cupboard is decorated my phone cover is not simple and I even try to customize my journals so I like it about myself lemme show you

My phone cover
My cupboard

I like to write it out: if something made me too sad or too happy I like to write it in my journals cuz I would love to read My journals in future and get to know that oh I was like this when I was 16 or 14 so that gives me peace

My journals (I’ll cherish them)

I like capturing moments through my phone:okay some may have an opposite view of this like ‘people don’t enjoy in the moment just because they wanna capture that moment ‘ yes agreed but if something is making you happy then Why not ,I have so many pictures that I’m glad i took and they’re memories now so yes I like documenting stuff hmm that’s the right word

I’m so aesthetic: a lottttttttt and I’ve started being aesthetic this dk why but okiiee

That’s it for today there are a lot more to say in this post but I might make a pt2 of this so yaaas and purpose of this post was to somehow motivate you to love your qualities and ofc yourself too

Do one thing today I mean if you want to I’m not your teacher giving you homework here so…

Take paper and write down 5 things you love about yourself and it’ll make feel accomplished about yourself because after writing this post I’m happy and you’ll be too



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