So as it is a site page so I am not gonna say “NAMASTE everyone welcome back to my blog,SHIVICTIONARY “well actually when I said that I wont say that, I still said it but who cares😂😂.


So hello and NAMASTE everyone….so you have visited my blog so you should know a little about me, so my name is SHIVI DWIVEDI and I belong from dehradun, I’m a pure garhwali. And some things I love to do are

• READ BOOKS – I am a bibliophile…I love books and reading is something that refreshes my mind so if you are a reader then we are instantly friends 🤩

• writing- obviously I love writing that’s one of the reasons why i started this blog…and also i love writing hindi poems so writing is my thing ,I even write journals for my mental peace

• watching kdramas – I love kdrama, I don’t watch them regularly but I love them I think they are far more interesting than any other web series


well everything has a starting so do I .so the story starts from me starting my old PC (well I could have said laptop but PC is much fancier to say)and I was writing something as a everyday journal and when I read some of my previous journals there were some things written that has to be known by others that thought made me open a blog.The hardest part was “choosing a name for my blog”but I knew that the name of my blog should include my name”so there was a oxford dictionary in front of me that made me think that name of my blog “my name+dictionary =SHIVICTIONARY “so that a funny starting of my blog I am relieved that I chose a cool name😎


So I have two families, one on my blog one at my house and the fam on my blog is known as SHIWINNER ARMY and they are the sweetest people I know

Talking about my family at home, I live with my mom,dad and my elder sis and they are the reason of my happiness so ya I love ‘ em

So ,now you know about me so I would like to know about you go visit my posts and tell me what you think….

It was nice to meet you….